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AVS Coin

AVS Coin


Australia's first All Vending Store now open to accept crypto currency. Announcing the launch of AVScoin. A brand new concept of asset backed alternative payments at vending machines. The next wave of Business model innovation

So what is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD, but are digital coins that are stored in digital wallets.

No doubt there is great interest an excitement about crypto these days. Even some of the biggest investment companies are buying into these. The Japanese government is also about to use a cryptocurrency called Fatcom in its government social services sector. These are huge endorsements.

An example is Bitcoin that was introduced in 2009 and today there are hundreds of such coins available in the market worth billions of dollars. These coins appreciate in value based on market demands. We expect AVScoin to perform likewise.


Some examples of cryptocurrencies currently in the market

Cryptocurrencies are purchased online either using normal currencies such as USD or AUD or other digital coins. For example, you may purchase Bitcoin coins using AUD or other digital coins such as Ethereum in an Exchange that offers these services,

Our future plan is to enable AVScoin to become available and accepted by these exchanges. It's like going to a FOREX counter at the airport to exchange AUD for USD or other currencies, except these are now done electronically through authorized exchanges. When you first open an account with these exchanges they will request proper identification documentation for compliance and are relatively safe just like an online banking account. Likewise AVScoin is soon launching its own exchange to trade.

Once a cryptocurrency is purchased, the exchange will store it on your behalf within their electronic wallet or you can transfer to your personal wallet where you can keep multiple cryptocurrencies. You may at anytime trade these currencies for normal currencies like AUD and transfer to your bank account.

Cryptocurrency is the latest form of investment that is sweeping this world. For example one Bitcoin was selling for about USD200 in 2013. Now each Bitcoin is worth about USD9,000. Unfortunately, most of these coins have no assets as they are all raising funds using crypto as a platform for their future projects.

So what is AVScoin and how does it work?


AVS is the brainchild of All Vending Store founder. After watching how cryptocurrencies are sweeping the world, AVScoin is being introduced as a digital currency to:

  • Fund the purchase and installation of additional vending machines as part of its expansion plan
  • AVScoin can be used to purchase products from vending machines in Australia and other parts of the world. Just imagine you walking up to a vitamin or soft drink vending machine anywhere in the world and only using AVScoin digital coins through your mobile phone to make a purchase. You don't have to worry about credit or debit cards, or having the right coins or foreign currency to make the purchase. No forex transaction fees to worry about. How awesome will that be
  • AVScoin can be used to purchase products online from Vitamin Warehouse

What's more these coins can be traded against other digital coins in exchanges in future as well and we expect them to appreciate in value in time to come.

What is unique about AVScoin

Well unlike other cryptocurrencies which give you no guarantee, AVScoin investors are guaranteed the investment they make. For example, if you purchase $500 worth of AVScoin at say $0.01 cent, this purchase price is guaranteed.

Other benefits of AVScoin:

  1. We guarantee your investment amount of AUD 0.01 cents as this is an asset backed opportunity
  2. We protect your investment if they are stolen by hackers. Each coin has a unique serial number. Once we are notified of any such incidence, these coins will be blacklisted and not tradeable. We will than issue new coins with new serial numbers.
  3. You can withdraw at any point – no questions asked (with no processing fee if withdrawn from our exchange)
  4. You will be able to use AVScoin immediately on All Vending Store vending machines and online store while we are discussing with other vending operators
  5. You get an additional discount on purchase at All Vending Store vending machines and online store from time to time.
  6. You can use AVScoin in future to purchase other cryptocurrencies at authorized exchanges.
  7. As we roll out more vending machines, we expect the value of AVScoin to increase
  8. If you are an existing shareholder of All Vending Store, you can apply for bonus shares which will be issued in AVS coins at $0.01 per coin. You can now use this to trade other currencies. (Terms and Conditions apply)

You can purchase AVScoins NOW @ AUD$.01 Cents. Minimum purchase AUD $10.00 for 1000 coins . Currently NO Brokerage Fee or Commission.