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The best hair and skin care secrets

The skin is the largest organ of the body and performs a wide range of functions vital to our survival. Hair grows from follicles growing from the deep layers of the skin and so skin and hair care secrets are often tied together, in sync or are based on the same basic principle.

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Gearing up for a new season with a pre-winter detox

The human body is a complex organism of linked and inter-dependant systems that perform various processes to keep the body functioning adequately. One of the most important functions of the body and its major organs is detoxification. 

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Easy ways to be gluten free - controlling celiac disease

Celiac disease is also known as Gluten Sensitivity Enteropathy (GSE) and is an autoimmune disease. Unfortunately it is not possible to grow out of celiac disease, as it is with allergies such as wheat sensitivity.

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Improve your joint health the easy way

Joints serve as shock absorbers in the human body. Every time we move, our joints and the fluid inside them help in protecting bone ends from friction and consequent damage. With time, however, the ability of our joints to shock-proof movement decreases. This happens with ageing, repetitive motion, obesity or injury, as these processes make the joint support structure to wear down with time. 

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Healthy Oils for Healthier Mothers and Babies

When a woman finds out that she is pregnant there is quite a variety of emotions she will feel  – excitement, fear, anger, hesitation, self-doubt, etc.  The list is as customized to each woman as it is endless.  No matter what the initial emotions may be there is one thing that you need to know.  It is time to take to take care of both the expectant mother and the growing baby

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Pregnancy – Tips for a Healthy Baby

Being pregnant is a wonderful, exciting and sometimes stressful time. Carrying a child to term is not something that you can afford to make mistakes with. You need to be so careful to take the best care of yourself during this time, as healthy mum = healthy bub. There are many different things that people choose to do while pregnant, some are common, some not so much. 

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Skin care toxins to avoid

Even though our skins are the largest organ of the body, and absorb almost anything we put on them, most of us are not careful enough about what we use for our hair, skin and nails. Cosmetics and other skin care products today contain many harmful chemicals, and there appears to be little, if any, regulation by the government on the cosmetic industry in terms of use of ingredients for products.

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How do homeopathics really work?

Over the years, there has been a lot of criticism as well as acclaim for homeopathy and its use. Yet, it continues to be used successfully, and its proponents swear by it for all kinds of ailments and afflictions. With time, as its effectiveness has become mainstream knowledge, scientists have proposed several theories as to its workings.

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