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Was: $57.45

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Thompsons One-A-Day Bilbery 12,000 (60 Vegetable Capsules)

Brand: Thompsons | Code: TMBILBL | Spec: 60.00 Caps

This one-a-day therapeutic dose supports the health of capillaries, assists in the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system and also supports healthy eye function.


Was: $16.95

Save: $4.00

Thompsons Brewer's Yeast (100 Tablets)

Brand: Thompsons | Code: TMBREWE | Spec: 100.00 Tabs

This product provides a rich source of B vitamins and important nutrients to the body. It’s a nutritional yeast that provides valuable nervous system support.


Was: $29.95

Save: $10.45

Thompsons Natural Super Carotene (60 Capsules)

Brand: Thompsons | Code: TMSUPEC | Spec: 60.00 Caps

This product is a natural, plant-based multi-carotene supplement. It may reduce the risk of free radical damage in the body.


Was: $39.95

Save: $13.95

Thompsons Exclusively Women - Skin, Hair and Nails (90 Capsules)

Brand: Thompsons | Code: TMSHN10 | Spec: 90.00 Caps

This product is a Vitamin, mineral, herbal and marine protein complex. Formulated to help maintain clear complexion, lustrous hair and strong nails, it contains ‘Beauty from Within’ nutrients.


Was: $54.95

Save: $19.20

Thompsons Natural Vitamin E (500IU - 100 Capsules)

Brand: Thompsons | Code: TME500L | Spec: 100.00 Caps

This product is a powerful antioxidant formula containing vitamin E and selenium. It is formulated to contain both d-alpha tocopherols and mixed tocopherols. It may assist in the maintenance of healthy blood vessel.


Was: $39.95

Save: $13.95

Thompsons Digestion Manager (60 Vegetable Capsules)

Brand: Thompsons | Code: TMDIGES | Spec: 60.00 Caps

This product was formulated to promote healthy digestive function and provides a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes. It also contains herbs traditionally used to enhance digestion.


Was: $32.95

Save: $11.50

Thompsons B Complex (250 Tablets)

Brand: Thompsons | Code: TMBCOM2 | Spec: 250.00 Tabs

B complex provides a high potency formulation of B vitamins. It is an essential complex for the maintenance of a healthy nervous system. It may also provide valuable support during times of stress.


Was: $58.95

Save: $20.60

Thompsons Liver Cleanse (120 Vegetable Capsules)

Brand: Thompsons | Code: TMLIVE1 | Spec: 120.00 Caps

This product is a liver tonic formula and a herbal complex that also supports healthy digestive function.


Was: $73.71

Save: $36.72

Thompsons Salmon Oil 1000 (500 Caps)

Brand: Thompsons | Code: TMSALM5 | Spec: 500.00 caps

Salmon Oil 1000 is sourced from Atlantic Ocean (off the coast of Norway), not farmed fish. It is tested for purity from PCBs, mercury and lead. It may assist in maintenance of normal blood circulation and may support healthy cardiovascular function.


Was: $17.95

Save: $6.25

Thompsons Organic Zinc (80 Tablets)

Brand: Thompsons | Code: TMZINCO | Spec: 80.00 Tabs

This low allergy formulation is important for male health. It also may be beneficial in maintaining the health and repair of the skin and also helps boost immune function.

Results: 21-30 of 56
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