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Fusion Health Multi Vitamin and Mineral Advanced (90 Tablets)

Brand: Fusion Health | Code: F315 | Spec: 90.00 Tabs

Fusion Health MULTI VITAMIN AND MINERAL ADVANCED is a high potency vitamin and mineral formula with selenium, antioxidants and other nutritional cofactors including amino acids, alpha lipoic acid, lycopene and lutein to support good health and promote healthy ageing. An advanced iron free Multi Vitamin and Mineral formula beneficial for Men and Women. Suitable for all ages.


Was: $44.95

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Fusion Health Libido (60 Tablets)

Brand: Fusion Health | Code: F404 | Spec: 60.00 Tabs

Fusion Health LIBIDO is a superior Chinese herbal tonic formulated Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) to promote sexual vitality in men and women.


Was: $44.95

Save: $15.73

Fusion Health Women's Balance (60 Tablets)

Brand: Fusion Health | Code: F134 | Spec: 60.00 Tabs

Fusion Health WOMEN?S BALANCE is a modern herbal medicine formulated to optimise female reproductive health and balance the menstrual cycle. Chinese herbs including Peony, Rehmannia, Dong Quai and Cyperus together with Black Cohosh help normalise functional rhythms to assist in the management of irregular menstruation, heavy bleeding, painful periods (dysmenorrhoea) and pelvic congestion.


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Fusion Health Menopause Free (120 Tablets)

Brand: Fusion Health | Code: F511 | Spec: 120.00 Tabs

Fusion Health MENOPAUSE FREE is traditionally used as a Chinese Kidney and Liver meridian tonic to clear heat and drain fire from deficient Kidney energy. The addition of Dong Quai nourishes the blood and tonifies the reproductive organs. Free from Black Cohosh, this is a unique menopausal tonic to cool, re-energise and restore balance within a woman's body.


Was: $79.95

Save: $13.99

Lifestream Ultimate Greens (250 Capsules)

Brand: Lifestream | Code: 5683 | Spec: 250.00 Caps

Poor nutrition can be caused by stress, poor dietary choices, fatigue, a lack of fruits and vegetables and the over consumption of takeaways and processed foods. Lifestream Ultimate Greens provides a nutritional boost to the diet.


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Save: $10.95

Qsilica Original Collodial Silica Capsules (100 Capsules)

Brand: Qsilica | Code: 4015 | Spec: 100.00 Caps

Qsilica is a convenient form of mineral silica, which is important for the healthy growth and functioning of connective tissue, skin, hair, nails, and joint cartilage. Qsilica can also help to support and maintain strong bones and teeth by playing a role in the metabolism of calcium in the body.


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Save: $16.43

Fusion Health Vitex (120 Tablets)

Brand: Fusion Health | Code: F145 | Spec: 120.00 Tabs

VITEX promotes a healthy menstrual cycle and helps reduce the frequency and severity of premenstrual symptoms (PMS) including nervous tension, irritability, mood swings, breast tenderness, acne, fluid retention, abdominal bloating and pelvic congestion with premenstrual pain. For heavy bleeding and period pain it can complement the action of Fusion Health Women's Balance.


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Save: $4.30

Lifestream Natural Calcium (120 Capsules)

Brand: Lifestream | Code: 5748 | Spec: 120.00 Caps

To ensure we maintain excellent bone health, it is essential we receive sufficient quantities of calcium every day. It is even more important to ensure that the body can utilise and absorb the calcium it is given. Natural food-complexed calcium may be the most suitable form of calcium for long-term use.


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Save: $8.30

Blackmores Bio Zinc (168 Tabs)

Brand: Blackmores | Code: 233 | Spec: 168.00 Tabs

A combination of zinc and other nutrients that help to support healthy skin and may assist in the management of certain skin disorders including acne and dermatitis. Zinc plays an essential role in male reproductive health and in the production of healthy sperm and also helps to maintain healthy immune function.


Was: $38.95

Save: $13.60

Thompsons St John's Wort 4000 (60 Tablets)

Brand: Thompsons | Code: TMSTJW6 | Spec: 60.00 Tabs

This one-a-day therapeutic dose contains standardised St John’s wort extract where each tablet provides 2.2 mg hypericin to alleviate symptoms of nervous tension and manage mood swings and anxiety.

Results: 1-10 of 136
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